Squeezing the Writing In


This morning has been a manic rush of paperwork, phone calls to solicitors, appointments at banks and the most money I HAVE EVER SPENT in one day!

I’m about to rush out to work and later this evening Mr G and I have another appointment with a different bank – thank goodness for late night opening.

AND I have STILL managed to write (kind of!) I have at least prepped all of the data and research articles, transcripts etc for the 3rd Part of the online course. I am hoping to work offline this evening (when I am eventually home) on both my writing schedule, the assignment and some blog articles to post over the weekend. imagesCANYEEWS

I have a You Tube – Google net conversation/ Q & A with the Ohio State Lecturers running in the background. Oh, yes! The freelancers greatest skill to acquire and polish is multi-tasking!

I have a big day at work tomorrow – more reviews and a full day in, I will try to get online for a while in the evening but need an early night as I have an early start Saturday to go to the 1st of 3 workshops in performance writing, looking forward to that!



Happy writing


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