Bank Holiday Weekend & Productivity – Part II




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I have spent the morning researching and hitting the admin of my May Writing Schedule. I am excited by what I have found, my spirit is lifted by that and the sunshine! I will reveal more later. Let’s just say I have taken many steps this year to change the direction of my life and this is another bend in the long and winding road.

Mr G. and I plan to feel the sun on our backs today at the allotment.  

© A.Cooke 2013

© A.Cooke 2013

And I hope to find out the results of the Ohio State University Assignment fiasco.

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  1. Love the action of many… Seems that there were technical issues for many. Last night I checked and students who didn’t miss the deadline then discovered they couldn’t review …. Fortunately they have extended the deadline…
    I have managed to post my 2nd assignment. Off to the library in the morning to review 4 classmates to complete!
    Then onto the 3rd assignment!

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