Picture It & Write – Baby Vision



Sunday rolls around and it is time for me to create another story by prompt. This is great fun, to find out more click the contributor button.


I was searching for copyright free images for my blog last night and I came across the one I use at the end of my story, it is only a baby shower cake, so if you are following please don’t think of me as a monster and leave on account of this post. I thought it was weird and not something I would add to my media library, after seeing this week’s prompt I went back to find the photo – as the coincidence seemed to be too strong to ignore and I instantly recalled the image when I saw this week’s picture!

baby and fruit loops

Charlotte always wanted to be a mum, from the age of 11 she felt her maternal instincts click in, she didn’t understand other women in their thirties that still showed no sign of desiring a child. The others (practically all of her friends) were married off and producing families of their own. Charlotte couldn’t help but feel duped. She had an early start at being a girlfriend, years before her peers. Close to double figures before she even started High School. Then what happened? She blames herself for all her bad choices.

The blame eats her up on a daily basis and turns even the most positive situations into another gauntlet of horror for her to struggle her way through!

Last year Charlotte met Sean at a Summer Garden Party, she wasn’t sure he was the one to begin with, but they both worked hard to make the relationship stronger, neither of them was getting younger and although Sean could do a ‘Charlie Chaplin’, Charlotte was seriously racing against the clock, approaching her 40th year.

Sean had recently started talking about making babies, it had taken Charlotte by surprise as he vehemently refused to even conceive a marriage proposal, still you weren’t deemed a harlot for getting pregnant out-of-wedlock nowadays. She had started ordering vitamin and iron tablets and took them daily, laughing at the irony of spending decades popping the pill and praying desperately on occasion that she wasn’t pregnant.

They had started trying a few months ago, they were becoming increasingly worried that they would need help. This week Charlotte had seen babies everywhere. In the library whilst she was desperate to study quietly, on the bus to work everyday, they never used to be many mothers on the commuting bus, not with their children at least. On billboards, adverts on the TV, in her magazines.

On her lunch break she was searching through a stock free photo site and she came across an image that turned her stomach, she literally felt her stomach shift inside her, it gave a whole new meaning to having a bun in an oven. Hideous she thought, who would order that for a Baby Shower?


Charlotte entered the board room and settled down for the afternoon marketing meeting, she couldn’t wait to write a new slogan, work on a new project, take her mind off what her and Sean were trying to achieve. Charles revealed the first image, Charlotte couldn’t believe her eyes, babies and cereal?

baby and fruit loops

Charlotte felt another bubbling lurch in her stomach, she made a run for the restroom. It seemed the universe was sending her more than just messages!

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    • Thanks Joe, I was playing with the idea that once you have something you seem to notice that thing everywhere. (I am hoping that happens to everybody and not just me!)

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