How A Nano Second Can Cost You Days – A Lesson in Time Management!


I will start by saying that I know I am the only one to blame – I could list (and probably will) a whole load of factors that most writers have to deal with and work around when it comes to submitting before deadlines.

  • Here’s the list – can you add more?
  • Work
  • Childcare (I don’t have this excuse yet)
  • Grocery Shopping (online saves time)
  • Appointments and other life events (currently meeting with financial advisor re: insurance and banks as Mr G and I are buying a house)
  • Other writing commitments (the writing schedule and my wonderful network meeting today!) I was happy earlier.

The online course I enrolled on at Ohio State University is a hefty workload and as you know I don’t have 24/7 internet access!

084723-pink-jelly-icon-business-clock7-sc43I know I need to manage it better. I made 2 mistakes – presumed the weekly assignment would be due in a week, three days later I learnt that it was in 2 parts and I had until Sat 9pm to post it!

The research – resource materials – PDF files Vlogs and You Tube videos (like the 1hr Q & A) I watched all prepared me – I still feel it would have been the same assignment with half the research and ironically if I had skipped a bit and believed I could do it, I wouldn’t have missed the deadline!photo_22949_carousel

2nd mistake – I thought the GMT – UTC time difference was bigger than an hour!

I managed to finish the write in time, logged into the submission platform at 20:59
I had 60 SECS to click the button! (Remind me never to become a secret agent!)

I must have missed it by a breath and I am not alone – sadly the 2nd part – the reviewing and evaluating other people’s writing is the main focus and we (I am not alone!) are all locked out from that!

I now know how it feels to have a virtual door slammed in your face. How people may feel when it’s Christmas Eve and the last shop shuts before they finish getting their presents! How Olympic athletes feel when they just miss a medal position.

I am gutted – I have been on the forum posting now for over an hour! I had already put many hours into this assignment and because I had lots of other slices of life to manage this week I messed up!

I don’t think it would feel this bad if I’d missed it by an hour!

As for the title – sorry to mislead – I am too negatively consumed by wasted energy to write an article about good time management right now (ironic pun) – sure I will in the future, I can link it to this post to show the consequence of not learning TM skills!alarm-clock

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  1. Oh I am so sorry you missed your deadline 😦 I have been taking a free Coursera course and have not been giving it my full attention. I think it is because the topic is not of major importance to me. I did feel bad for missing a deadline a few weeks ago but I think I would have felt more like you (gutted) had it been a writing class…

    • Oh thank you for the sympathy, I need to lick my wounds, I know they were self inflicted, but I cannot create extra time!
      I have slept on it and I still think I am going to try to pick it up the next time (if I can find out if they repeat the class) if not I will carry on and beg for them to pass me at the end!
      To be honest as I am filling my training toolkit this year I am about to embark on real life night classes in children’s writing and 3 Saturday workshops (full days) all of which are a good drive from where I live. Plus work, plus assessments and reviews at work (tense time), plus completing on the house ., plus putting mine on the market to sell, plus life in general. Where would I fit assignments in?
      I am beginning to blame myself less and see it as an act of God! 😉
      (Especially as technically I was in time – didn’t have much time but enough for right click paste and click submit!)

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