Bank Holiday Weekend and Productivity


Another write Saturday! Last month I booked myself a place on a network meeting, writers and some guest speakers/ promoters.quality-mark

I thought it would be an opportunity to meet people and it was….. once I got there! I have no inner navigator, it is how my life has been allowed to slip off the main road for so long, it was a long and winding road back onto the main one I can tell you! A bit like today’s roundabout detour. I was 20 minutes late (that embarrassing moment when you open a door and don’t know what to expect) and then I arrived in time for coffee break! I had to laugh.

After the event we mingled and I found out about various exciting opportunities and other workshops which I will blog about in the future. Here comes my second ‘Bridgette Jones moment’! I gave my details and when I gave the blog URL I got it wrong a / instead of a .

I had to Google the mistake to check if they would still be directed here – they are. Whilst in this Google mission I discovered some interesting Statistics on the blog which I will write another post to cover AND another Blog award – guilty as charged I still need to post my nominees!

admission-ticket-icon imagesCADQ6RA1

Original post (comments context)

Just wrote and LOST an entire post.
Will be back to write –  I will do it the hope-it-won’t-ruin-it-laptop, later on!

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  1. Thanks Penny, I was on my phone, it’s complicated posting from there as I can’t always see what I’ve typed. I will be back on this thread to expand it later, hope you pop back for a read.

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