Online Writing Course @ The Ohio State University – Assignment II


A night at Uni without any bags? Who knew it was this easy!


I read a blog a few weeks ago (I would credit if I could remember where I was), it got me thinking about online training. I set a training budget this year to catch up on the latest changes in the world of writing – as I have been out of it for six years. I also recognise my need to revise what I think I know already.

  • April – I attended a Writing Workshop – Comedy Script writing with Keith Lindsay
  • I also enrolled on a writing course – night school 6 weeks, which starts this May.
  • I have a network meeting tomorrow.


That has pretty much blown the budget I need to sell my writing to manage anymore. This is a free, YES I said FREE online course. It is international and I thought about 800 of us signed up, tonight watching a 1hr Q & A session on You Tube in preparation for writing the 2nd assignment I found it was over 2000 students now and that IT IS STILL OPEN! dotted-world-map


I joined on the 28th April, 1st assignment was due on the 29th. I managed to complete it the weekend I joined. (The course started on 22nd)

Originally I had not planned on blogging about it too much, there were some terms and conditions signed, I have found out 2 important facts tonight;

  • We are positively encouraged to blog and get it out there beyond the confines of the study centre forums and Ohio State University videos.
  • More importantly for you they are still open to applicants, you could jump on this crazy train too!

Right, I have my 2nd assignment to complete tonight. I will post more articles about all of this over the weekend.


This also explains tonight’s absence from FWF and Friday Fictioneers, I couldn’t post on some of the entries earlier- technical difficulties, I will try again when my college work is done!

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  1. I actually missed the deadline for the 2nd assignment by 1 second – very gutted and mad right now – not good. I may participate in it next time round – I will wait and see what the staff say.

    • They extended the deadline – great power many writers on the forum had – one voice…
      there were further technical difficulties for people who had made the submission deadline. Now I have managed to send in the submission and complete 4 reviews.
      Assignment 2# Done…
      Now onto assignment 3 – With good time management!

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