FWF – Freewrite Friday – Waking Dreams


Friday rolls around again and it’s time for a freewrite – Click the button if you’d like to join in on Kellie’s Blog.


Your FWF prompt this week is a word bank…

lazy – rain – perspective – glint – somber – trinket – static

You may use all seven words if they fill in naturally OR you may work off only one if it better feeds your page.

A glint of light

wakes you through the blinds,

You edge a lazy arm out from under

the covers and reach for the radio

Static noise invades your bedroom

as you roll over and turn the tuning button

You may as well get up now.

You take a somber walk to the bathroom

wishing your bones would wake from

the stiffness of the night.

You pull your charm bracelet off

with trinkets your lover bought you

last year,

a silver ballet shoe, a rose, a minute key.

You leave them on the sink and

walk under the water of the shower.

You feel the gentle water like rain

on your skin,

washing away the night’s perspiration.

Stepping out of the shower,

fresh, wet and clean

you see the day from a new

perspective as you wrap yourself

in a warm, fluffy, blue towel

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  1. Kellie – for some reason (and I have tried into double figures on 2 different laptops) I can’t get my posts to show on your thread – it doesn’t say waiting for moderation, at worst the page doesn’t display and at best it refreshes with 2 comments.

    I tried to reply to Annie on FWF page and couldn’t. I did email you – but through fan mail (sorry) and I forgot to add that I now love the butterflies.
    I will try back later, if you come across this maybe you can add the link onto the FWF thread. Cheers

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  4. Loved this poem … being unable to step into a hot show and enjoy washing away the night,
    I became the person in this poem … dreaming of the day I am free of my fracture and can enjoy my beloved showers again…thanks for this post!

    • Awww Thank you Annie for your kind comments – sorry to hear about your fracture, having had limbs in plaster before I know how good that 1st shower feels!
      Loved you becoming the person in the poem.

    • Thanks Heidi – I am glad that people feel themselves in this poem. It is certainly something we can all relate to, I guess that’s why we slip through the words.

    • Thanks Heather, me too – I am not a morning person. The coffee would be the next verse after the shower for me. Ahhhh sweet Java – having my first mug of the day just now actually!

      • I’m trying to catch up with visiting blogs as I have had a busy weekend and have paperwork to do later!
        Good luck with your studies.

      • Good luck with all of that – I remember exam summer’s well, glad I don’t have to do that… I have recently felt grumpy about having to work, you reminded me what life was like before, I am glad of a four day working week this week though (Bank Holiday).

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