Friday Fictioneers – Receiver Reception



Copyright -KentBonham

Copyright –Kent Bonham

The bouquet instructions had been followed. Arriving with the Chauffeur she couldn’t believe his chosen hotel, she had expected bright-lights-big-city. Shuddering in her killer red dress, she looked up at the dark windows.

“Champagne reception in the main suite.” The doorman bowed. Isabelle found her arm being linked by another man dressed to the nines,

“This way ma’am.”

Be nice if they put some lights on Isabelle thought as she tried to ignore first night butterflies. How perfect Jacques was.

“ Petite disseisor” Jacques grinned and grazed her cheek with a kiss, knowing this night would change her life forever.


(Excuse the formatting copied from file)

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    • Thanks Christopher – I thought that as I wrote it – I am new to Flash fiction and a very wordy talker and writer, they generally take a lot of editing down, This one was no exception, The difference is I saw the possibilities too, I have a few 1000 words waiting to be formed into something, I will get around to writing more around Isabelle and Jacques.
      I will let you know when it is posted. 🙂

    • Fantastic Anne! That was EXACTLY what I was aiming for!
      But don’t worry too much, it hasn’t happened yet (and it is fiction)
      Thanks for the response.

    • Thanks for your comment – I worked on this week’s FF offline, usually I just free write and tweak, this one started as a 1000 word introduction. That writing is not lost though as I am thinking of adding further flash bites to this story at some point in the future.
      I had fun shaving the words off in an edit without losing the essence – it was re-written 4 times.

    • Thanks – as I say I am tempted to continue or expand this one in flash size bites – I definitely have prequel ideas and some for what is about to happen!

  1. Intriguing. But I can’t work it out. The French expression isn’t a universal one as far as I can make out. So I’m going to opt for “little heart-stealer”, and she and J will live happily for ever after. Let’s hope so anyway. Otherwise the words garden and path come to mind.

    • Ahhhhh Patrick I am going to have to reveal too much… I am glad you were intrigued, it was meant to make the reader think, I have cheated on Jacques expression (I was once so fluent in French that in Paris they mistook me for a French girl – I don’t look French at all, alas the language dies within you if you don’t use it!) I was going to get him to speak in French and I love your ‘heart stealer’ it is somewhere near the truth for the idea behind the story/ plot.

      The 2nd word, actually means something – it looks French but it isn’t a French expression, just another word to mean something else (talking in riddles because I hope to write prequel/ sequel chunks of this story and reveal it then!) I am impressed though that you have gone in this deep and I thank you for reading.

  2. I’d love to know what happens next. I tend to be naive and positive, but reading everyone else’s comments, perhaps the night won’t end well for Isabelle. Very intriguing.

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