Time to Pack Up Down at Camp NaNoWriMo


camp tentLast night I achieved my highest acclaim (apart from being published) I finished BEFORE a deadline the longest amount of words I have any written for any one project.

It may have taken commitment to blanking the April writing schedule to fit in time, it took great determination (big thanks for your support, especially if you were a virtual cheerleader) to get me through each writing day, especially as I spent about 96% of my time in camp behind the word schedule.

The beginning and end weekends saved me – or rather my manuscript!

It was with pride and a happy step I trekked into camp this morning to enter my final total of 53920 (this does include the appendix) even without it is 53596.

I have never written Non-Fiction to this length and I found it harder than narrative.


heartofpeace copyMy lovely cover designed and ordered through FREE COVERS on Ermisenda’s blog.


Four FAB Things about my Time in Camp!

1) I don’t think I moaned about the bad wintry weather at all this month, as I was glued to my laptop!

2) I saved money from not going out much! (Not had the electricity bill yet!)

3) I have met some wonderful people, cliché but true. (Although this may have been increased by 3 if my Cabin Mates had ever come out of hibernation!)

4) I am looking forward to the next camp in July, have decided what to write, just need to decide what to pack now! Hopefully sunscreen by then! (Crosses her fingers)

My manuscript now stands at 188 pages and over 30 Chapters, it is about half the size it should be. I am aiming to complete it in 80,000 words.

I plan to spend 2 – 4hours every weekend on it and have it ready for submission by the end of 2013 (hopefully before).

My final stats are posted … however, I have already started working on post camp posts, we will see, look out for them Nano-ers.

Hope to see you all again in July when my Blog will once again become a camp site for as many of you as possible… our own mini Glastonbury!camping-tent-Download-Royalty-free-Vector-File-EPS-2116

It looks wrong- not typing in double spacing!

You know when you have been out for the night in a really loud club or gig and you get home, hyped on adrenalin, with a shrill ringing in your ears, you kick off the excruciatingly painful heels and slip out of the tight clothes. And relax. Euphorically happy?! Well that’s how I feel right now!

Camp is Over…. What will you do?

Just before the end of the weekend, with the thought that my camp commitment for NaNoWriMo and NaPoWriMo were coming to an end. I made a super fast decision, another one where I leap before thinking…. (master at those!)

I enrolled on a free writing course at a US University, one of 800 students on the very internationally flavoured course.

The fear was – it started on 22nd April, I filled out the application with the expectation of being turned down due to lateness. I logged in reviewed all video tutorials and googlenet, found out about the assignment and read/posted in the course forum. A few hours later I re-read Part 1 of the course, deadline for assignment 1 = 29th April…


I managed to write it and SUBMIT it in time though, no worries! They emailed yesterday about Part 2 that started Monday just gone. Hope to have some time online tomorrow night (after important meetings and allotment) to study the resources and course materials.

So Camp is Over (think John Lennon)

What are you up to? How will you fill the gap? NaNo

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  1. Congratulations!!!!!!
    Today is actually the first day I’ve not carried my draft with me–the typed version, that is. I want a few pencil illustrations for it so my dear husband has it. He read the first few words last night and wants to read the whole thing in order to do the drawings to fit the story–I am already excited about what he’ll turn out.
    What’s next? StoryADay.org begins Story A Day May tomorrow and I have joined that to keep up my writing chops for November–I am planning a book of short stories for the “official” NaNo, so if I can get more down on paper between now and then, maybe I’ll spend that month adding to and editing. We’ll see!

    • Oh, and I too only had one semi-active fellow cabin mate. That made for something of a dreary time. The others didn’t put in a single word and the one semi-active person did perhaps 20% of their goal 😦

      • My cabin was the same. I even emailed the MIA cabin crew. One popped in and her word count remained 0… It was the other semi-active camper that stopped me from leaving the cabin. I would have felt bad I mean. (No one actually stopped me!)
        Next time I am not joining a cabin then you can pick to join. Wish you could just create. I picked up a few camp buddies but there was never any time to email or message them!

        Overall a great first experience and now I have just over half a book!

        Who did your cover?

    • That all sounds fab. 🙂 Next time I am on the pc I will type a proper congratulations on your post. Isn’t it a great feeling!
      I think the experience would be even better with cabin mates! Especially if the cabin won the word count too!
      I may use a tent next time!
      Your story writing sounds like a great next thing to do. I spent last night pencilling my schedule for May. I have plenty to keep my writing life full plus an online virtual reality and an arty reality writing course to keep me in ink until the end of June.
      Good to know of new opportunities out there. Good luck with your non-camping break. I am heading back in July! (Crazy) for a 25-30k challenge! I hope to have a sunny Garden by then!

  2. Congrats!!!! I’d love to enroll in a free writing course online. I’ll have to do some checking and see if there’s another one. 😀 Good luck with yours and Congrats again. I’m finally winding down, though I’m still in writing mode and writing every day (except for the 24 hours I took off) since I’m not finished with my novel either.

    • You definitely needed that break. Short lived though it was. It was all very last minute I read an article, submitted my email and got a place. Mad rush to do all the coursework and assignment in 2 days. This week has been crazy with work and end of nano. It has been 4days since new posts and I have 3days left to complete my assignment and evaluate 3 others!

      I will post the details of any future courses and opportunities I find for free. I have only ever found ones you pay for!

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