NaPoWriMo Day 28# 28/30 – Colour My World


Another NaPowriMo prompt used today.

Today, I’d like you to pick a color. How many synonyms are there for your color (e.g., green, chartreuse, olive, veridian)?  Look around the room, take a walk — note everything you see that is your chosen color. Then start writing, using the color as a guide.

I also emailed Maureen Thorson to tell her what a fantastic job she is doing creating this challenge for National Poetry Month.


Colour My World

Blossom, pink, blush, coral,
flush, fuchsia, rose, salmon,
A blush of pink in your canvas
The colour of the blanket you
bought me,
The spine of a DVD in amongst
your collection.
My mobile phone case,
The flowers you bought me
last weekend,
now open in full bloom.


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