WORDPRESS Wizards I need your help!


My 200th Blog post is a CRY for TECHNICAL SUPPORT!black-tablet-pc


My theme is Matala as you can see and I have spent the best part of an hour trailing around trying to educate myself about widgets. I am attempting to add a sidebar widget so I can display our brand new blog awards here at AWritersFountain. I have seen people who have the same theme have their awards to the right of the blog roll.

PLEASE, Please, please can you give me all your technical advice so I can continue tonight’s main goal of reaching 40,000 words before bedtime in Camp Nano.

Please help me – you are my only hope – really!


P.S: You will notice I have managed to add extra buttons to share the posts if you are so inclined.

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  1. hey! if there is any option of theme options that will give you views about the sidebar previews.You can choose the one that suits you then… sidetwo bars,one bar,etc else many themes do not support the side bar options.Check wth your theme ,else change it and have the one which supports.

    • Thanks for your help too. WordPress had spammed your message (how cheeky!) I realised when I chose this theme (which I love) that it had limitations for widgets & columns, I have already reached the sad conclusion that as the blog grows the theme may have to change!
      I had seen other blogs with the matala theme with busier amounts of information, so I knew it was possible!
      All sorted now, thanks for your input.

  2. Hello! Not quite sure what you need, but once you are on your dashboard, go down to “Appearance” and when that window opens there is a link for “Widgets.” I use the “Image” widget to display things in my sidebar. To do that, drag “Image” to your sidebar area (your theme allows for two sidebar areas so choose the one that you want to use for awards). Once it’s there, open the dropdown and add the information required. Hopefully you have .jpg or .png images of your awards saved in your WordPress “Media” area. If not, go put them there now. You can decide if you want the image to link to anything, like to the blog of the person who awarded it or to the blog of the award creator. You don’t have to link them to anything and can just display them also. Hope that helps!

    • Thanks I saw the image widget and decided that was the closest I would get, It looked like I could only add 1 image so this is great news, I will try it after I have done my Friday night posts and put the last 1000 words down. And to think I used to go out Friday nights!

      • No, you can add as many image widgets as you like! You can drag the “Image” widget over again from the left side to your widget again and again πŸ™‚

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