Slice of Life


I forgot last Tuesday that it was Tuesday and I was gutted when I woke up on Wednesday and realised I had missed the slice!
I won’t bore you with a fortnight, let’s keep this slice a healthy size.

Work is increasing in demands and energy. My writing schedule is mainly based on NaNowriMo and my Non-fiction manuscript I know that I have already missed several writing opportunities this month and as much as I love the camp and the chance of experiencing it before November, I wish I had put in for less than 50,000 words. I have managed to crack 30,000 words tonight though which I am so delighted with.

I have been waiting since 16,000 words to get to 30K.

I have booked onto several more writing ventures in the past few weeks, I have booked onto a writing course and have a network meeting set up over the next few months. I am happy with the way that my writing life is heading for now. I recognise that I need some new training input as the world of writing was very different last time I was a freelance writer.

I am going to watch Redcrosse perform poetry tomorrow (The day after St. George’s Day.) Which I am looking forward to.

Mr G and I have visited the allotment 3 times in the past week – our 1st time since the Autumn, I have managed to recover 14 of our 16 strawberry plants – lost 2 to frost. Mr G has been really busy digging plots over and has today managed to plant all the potatoes. Yehaaa!

Not a lot else to report on this slice or if there is I can no longer recall it!

Enjoy your week slicers x

And here is a little extra – Over on Two Writing Teachers blog they have asked us to write about what writing feels like to us. This is what I posted;

“How does writing feel to you?”

Writing feels like a comfortable winter jumper, pulled on to warm you from the cold.
Writing feels like a hug.
Writing is a union – a lifelong commitment between my pen and me.
Writing feels like the thing I am meant to do.
It feels like holding a slice of heaven in my heart!

AND HAPPY ST. GEORGE’S DAY! flower045-for-st-georgeMap-of-the-UK-with-the-St-Georges-Flag-1848837


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