A Sunday Morning of Rapid Research



Writing Goals

Today I decided it was high time I worked towards my April writing goals, as I have mentioned before my monthly system is to write a schedule (and attempt to stick to it!) I have already missed a few opportunities (deadlines) this month as my main focus has been my Non-Fiction manuscript – Camp NaNoWriMo project.


I have spent the last hour researching for a short story I plan to write today.  Many writers work on several projects simultaneously and as a freelance writer I am used to writing in this way. April has been a month shackled to one book project and my head feels full to capacity. I think I may be doing myself a favour stepping away from the book for a few hours, I will add to the word count later (especially as I am about 9 days behind)!


Writing a new idea can be as refreshing as a shower after a hike or eating a sandwich after a no-carb diet! I am certainly filled with a positive spirit. I have already lined up another short story to write tomorrow and I hope to have both stories finished and submitted before the end of the month.

Step it Up

Sometimes stepping back is a necessary step to move forward.

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  1. It’s high time I made myself a Writing Goal chart…this university is so (mentally) draining I feel how it’s eating up my writing time and energy, so I hope setting myself goals would keep me more disciplined…

    • It is a great way to get organised and can increase productivity, it certainly helped me miss less writing opportunites. I used my notebook until the end of February, the word doc. table is a lot easier to follow and more importantly, easy to see when I am falling behind and need to push myself further.
      Give it a go!
      I studied two degrees at university, I know exactly how mentally draining it can be. It put me off both writing and reading. That was how I fell into performing my poetry really. There was so much writing and reading for university that it lost the pleasure edge, the last thing I wanted to do to create happiness was more of the same. So you are already doing wonderfully well if you are managing to write through university.
      As for time and energy – the working world doesn’t let up anymore than college. When we reach that point though, there are always ways of making time! 🙂

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