Panic at Ten to Four!


I wake

from a bad dream,

my eyes sealed tight,

I hear the ticking of

the alarm clock,

and then another.

I haven’t got another

clock in




Panic rises like bile

shooting through every

nerve ending


I keep my eyes tightly shut.


See no evil.

I can hear it,

the more I panic the more

clocks join in.

A chorus of terror.


I start to will it to stop

pray the choir of demons away.

My eyes are still shut.

I am hoping it is a night terror,

I didn’t wake up…

I am still asleep…

More clocks join the savage


Mind slowly wakes up,

it is the





and wind

thrasing against the window.


I open my eyes,

it is pitch black.

I reach for the clock…

the storm lasts for fifteen minutes.

Tired mind, tired eyes, overactive imagination

body pumped

full of adrenalin.

The bedside clock



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