NaNoWriMo Day 18# 18/30


Post to come …. Managed Just 700 yesterday fell asleep on laptop by 10.30pm …. Will see how many words I can write tonight.
Update tomorrow.

I managed over 1800 words! The bags under my eyes yell the whole story … Yeh!


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  1. {begins rattling virtual pom-poms} Yay! That’s how you do it! (the 700 words, not the falling asleep on the laptop…)
    Keep up the great work! I took a break to write something for the Daily Prompt that inspired me, and as soon as I finish one other writing thing, I plan to get to my camp site for today. So late… 🙂

    • I hear you! I didn’t get in from work until just before 7pm and so far I have managed tea, paperwork and a bit of phone internet access! I have written a poem. Now I am about to fire up the laptop. Hoping I get to stay awake for at least another hour. That will be 1200 words… Could do with 1.5 hr to get closer to the 1800…. Determined to make the 50,000 but already know my summer camp limit will be 30K! 🙂

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