NaPoWriMo Day 17# 17/30 – Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled –


‘Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled’

Mixed feelings

A nation divided.

Red and Blue,

North and South,

Lives enhanced

Lives destroyed.

Headstrong and

high achieving.

I was 12 when

ambition grew,

it faded three years later.

I remember water in

yoghurt pots,

grateful for a biscuit break.

My mum provided milk

The state didn’t have to.

‘We wrestle not against

flesh and blood’

In that box

there lies a woman.

A mother,

A grandmother,

A body of a soul

That did what she did

Because she believed it

to be right at the time.

Judge not,

Her family are losing

a branch of their tree.

The roots of which

will always be with


It is passed.

It is in the past.

Leave it there,

Dis-spell your bitter hearts

and pour out love

instead into your own families,

Find me a man who hasn’t been

scarred or slain by another’s actions,

It is not in the moment we can


It is in the action we take afterwards.

Let yours be in love.


2 responses »

  1. Thank you, ironically the protests inspired the poem of tolerance. If only the people could realise the difference between person and policy.
    It has taken a week in my mind. My own feelings are for and against, I wasn’t sure… But what good is hatred now… In 2014?
    Steps down off the soapbox stored away decades ago, poetry not politics.

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