Gratitude in the Waters


followed-blog-100-1x likeable-blog-1000-2x

I woke up to find a little Trophy where usually there is a star, 1000 likes on AWF, I just wanted to leave a message to all followers of my blog.

gingham heart freestockA BIG THANK-YOU!gingham heart freestock

At the beginning of April we had 100 followers, now we have 135. Thanks for all the likes and comments, especially comments – I love hearing what you think and feel.

Please keep following, this morning I thought about how the blog is currently very NaNo centric, I hope it helps motivate those of you in camp, I look forward to more varied posts next month. I don’t regret joining in the camps though, I have created a body of 17 poems and written over 22,000 of my non-fiction manuscript in 17 days!

I love the fact that people are reading my blog and I’m not typing away in a black hole, thanks once again from the bottom of the fountain.

Happy Writing x

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