You CAN Eat an Elephant, one bite at a time (Tips for surviving NaNoWriMo)


No animals were harmed in the making of this post.

imagesCAY08TDAThe first motivation is;

  •  Remember why you signed up for camp.

Take some time to think about this or even write out your goals on paper.

I bet one word that comes up for many of us is FUN, make sure you are having some. camp_nanowrimo_2013_calendar_by_somesortofwonderful-d5z9ze1

For BELOW-AVERAGE counts;     images  

  • Remember these are just numbers.
  • It is the amount of words you have written that is falling behind the recommended daily allowance, NOT you. You are NOT below-average – you were BRAVE enough to sign up for camp!
  • Ask yourself WHY? What reasons do you have for not typing 1667 words a day?

If you were busy with life (especially if you were enjoying it – then forgive yourself.)

If you have spent the day in PJ’s watching bad TV, staring at a laptop that’s not even powered up – then forgive yourself!

Yes, you heard me.


FORGIVE & Forget

If you don’t forgive yourself you will hold onto this lack of words, you will label it a failure and that epic fail will set the tone for your camp.

Get out the marsh-mellows, toast some and TOAST yourself – ‘Here’s to tomorrow when I will try to write the suggested word count.’


The whole idea behind NaNoWriMo is to promote writing and get people writing.

As long as you are writing then you have won, whether you make it all the way to 50,000 or not.    e1b03d4cf9e0dd5e602f266e5d32e0e3


Keep going

Keep writing

Keep believing

Keep enjoying

Keep motivating

Keep camping.

Happy writing x

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