Friday Fictioneers – Metal Dreams


Sandra Crook



Friday again, time to write 100 words for this week’s Friday Fictioneers. Click the button to join in.




Lee had always wanted a motorbike, his mum didn’t fancy the idea much. They were dangerous machines but George had faith in Lee. He would learn to ride well, Yvonne would see.

Lee slowed down as he approached the bend, carefully leaning with the machine.

George felt for his wife’s hand, he took a moment to catch a glimpse of her haunted face. He inhaled stiffly and squeezed her hand as they walked slowly towards the bend in the road. Without looking at her husband, Yvonne slipped her hand from his, shaking, she placed the flowers at the foot of the oak tree. If only she had put her foot down.



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    • I used to live with people who rode, has always been something I had been afraid of. Although, I did experience life on the highway on the back of a Harley a few years go and that wasn’t even on my bucket list – should have been though. It was an amazing thrill.

      This flash shows how it’s not always the rider at fault – they can be as sensible as they like, they are still only protected by a skin of leather and the open road.

  1. Very thought provoking Neen, I can feel her anger towards her husband in this piece. I don’t think their relationship will survive such a bitter blow. Good writing. 🙂

    • True – last week my flash was positive, I read so many that were sad. The concept in my head when I started is that his dad would build him his 1st bike, it kind of wrote itself after that.

  2. I have heard them called the widow makers and can attest to losing two friends to them. I know not all riders meet this end, but the risk is way too high for me to try.

    • Sorry to hear this Joe, I too have known people who have lost their lives this way. I’m not brave enough to try, although I like the idea of wind in the hair…

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