Spending Time in the Big Pool – Real Writers


Had a truly inspiring day in the writer’s workshop – learnt lots – there is no better teacher than experience and no better facilitator than someone who is a living, breathing writer. Very grateful to Heidi and Ian and Keith Lindsay for a wonderful, bountiful day!

And the coffee – appreciated after a 3hr sleep! 30+ pages of notes to digest and lots of food for thought.

Came home told Mr. G. excitedly about my day with the big fish & then emailed my NaPoWriMo poem to Iain Banks, Mr. G. said he would appreciate it – hope he likes it half as much as Mr. G.

And now to my desk (or laptop on settee) to complete my NaNoWriMo writing at camp (@ least 1500 wds are needed) – I am already filled with inspiration for my NaPoWriMo poem for the day.

If I can stay awake I will have a look around the past 24hrs too!

Happy Writing!


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