FWF – Free Write Friday 2# Wordplay Foreplay



I take you slowly in my arms,

Hold you close to my chest.

Let you slide down gradually,

My hands holding on tightly

to your sides.

As we move

closer to the table.

I take your top carefully

in my hands

and twist and pull

until you are revealed.

The sweet nectar of your scent.

Smells of Friday Night

Released as you turn,

We are to share once more.

I take your weight and hold onto you

with care I gently tilt your body

over the table,

You hover over the glass rim,

And then you are free,

Released into the stream of the

Music fuelled evening.

I hold onto you until you have filled

and emptied

and then I put your top carefully back on.

All that’s missing

Is the kiss!

I loved this week’s Friday Free Write challenge – I have had fun reading and guessing some of yours. I hope you have enjoyed this one… it is longer than expected… I just couldn’t stop!

Take a guess. Last chance before you scroll down.


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This is what the prompt this week is all about:

Wordplay – Foreplay: Make the ordinary…sexy.

I was given this prompt once: to take an ordinary task/object and make it sexy. To write about my selected subject in an intimate way, playing on words so that the reader would be unaware (and maybe blush a bit). I am passing this challenge along to you. Think you are up for it? You can always reveal your subject at the end OR you can leave us to guess, which in my opinion, is way more fun! The following is my reply to the prompt. To help you better understand, I have revealed my subject at the end. – Kellie Elmore

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  1. omg!!!! I was guessing all the way through! I have to admit though, I had to wait til the image. But ya know what that means? You did a FANTASTIC job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for playing! 🙂

    • Thanks Kellie, I didn’t mean for it to be this long – but it just kept coming (as freewrites do) – it was an inspiring idea – when I read your introduction I thought I’d struggle to do it, but I found it easier and more enjoyable than I thought.
      Look forward to reading more tomorrow and another freewrite next week!

  2. I has so many ideas of what it was and they kept changing the further I read. I didn’t even get it until the picture then I re read it and saw what I had taken for something different but made perfect sense once I knew the answer. Very good. 🙂

    • Thanks that was my intention – I of course imagined it being something else other than pouring soda to set the scene and emotive picture, I deliberately mislead and confused. Disguising what it was, there are many other things it could have been!
      Thanks for the comment.

  3. I think I caught sight at the glass rim, when coupled with Friday night… Thanks for sharing your well thought out ruse, I was still guessing till the image.

    • Obviously once you know the SUBJECT the glass rim refers to the glass, I also thought it might have been a glass topped coffee table. Glad you came for the read, thanks for your comment.

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