Friday Fictioneers – 100 Word Story – The Children’s Tree.




I envied the children in Paxton Close they had the tree. It stood outside Mark and Richard’s. In the summer we would sit underneath it, when I ran away, it was my destination. I could still see my bedroom window.

Calming, gnarled old tree missed the field in which it used to stand, surrounded by wild grass instead of muddy children, yet it watched over us as we grew up.

Decades later, all the families have been replaced. I drive past sometimes and thank it for the memories. It stands firm ready to nurture the next generation of muddy children.


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    • Thanks Janet, I guess what hit me the most was the journey the tree made without moving. The constant in an ever-changing world.
      Full Circle – Circle of life – it’s all in those few 100 words somewhere!
      Thanks for the comment.

    • Thanks, I liked the facts the roots were so far grown that the housing had to be built around it. How the tree adapted to the loss of its environment. I enjoyed writing this week’s flash.

    • Thanks, in a Flash (which is a genre I am new to) I find it so hard to finish in a way that keeps the story going, I think the tree has managed that here.

  1. It’s as if you read my mind. As the decades passed and I went back to visit, I often wondered who was climbing my favorite tree, riding her bike all over town like I did or sat on the floor with elbows on the windowsill dreaming of her future….like I did. Thank you for the memories.

    • You’re welcome, I think the same. I still get my haircut with an old neighbour/ family friend, she is a trained stylist and I prefer it to the Salon, she still lives opposite my childhood home, which has changed lots over the years. I often think about the people that live there and remember what it was like in my childhood.

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