Camp NaNoWriMo – woah woah woah! Day 1# 1/30


Oh my goodness! I feel like I have been trekking in hot walking boots all day! 2013-Participant-Campfire-Facebook-Profile

The term ‘writing marathon’ is used literally… I realise this now!

It didn’t help that I did most things to avoid starting on the wordcount today. All useful things like adding the past three months of freelance writing into separate folders on the PC. Blogging. Sorting out the April Writing Schedule.

The result was I had already completed 4 hours writing and research BEFORE I made it to camp!

footer-campTOMORROW I will try a new approach. Writing the camp manuscript 1st – possible having breaks, Today I wrote for 3 hours straight. I did SMASH the 1667 wordcount, but it was rather like pulling teeth as the expression goes.

An amazing 1735 whoahooo words! That’s a good start at least.

The other good news (for me) is that there is someone else ACTIVE in my Cabin.

Feel free to add your camp days if you are also on this wild trek through the writing wilderness!


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  1. I have decided to post a weekly or bi-weekly review of NaNoWriMo, especially as I have now pitched a tent over in NaPoWriMo, which requires I post daily as I submitted my blog.
    Good Luck with your wordcounts!

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