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Slice of Life 27/31



If Tuesday were a colour it would have been coal black. What a stinker of a day! There comes a time when the only power you have over a situation is to change it as nothing you will ever do inside the situation will ever be deemed good enough.

Last night, as I worked I did a lot of thinking. I also tried to cheer myself up with a few comedy programmes. The laughter was short-lived as I am now (and will be for several months) mind bound to my next mission.
Should life really be such a challenge?

I didn’t think I was in the right frame of mind for writing and having already successfully finished the monologue, only have some poems and a few shorts to complete before the madness of April begins. I did some editing instead, read some articles & another chapter of my book. I managed to write 3 new poems.

I feel drained. There is a lot going on in my life right now, perhaps too much.

I have booked a phone consultation today by way of getting my current situation into perspective. I also had to book things for the weekend for Mr G and our new project.

I am looking forward to this evening when Mr G and I are going to use the meal vouchers we didn’t use over the weekend to treat ourselves to some special nosh before the last day of work before the Easter Hols!

In the meantime I am filling my mind with vibrant colours such as yellows and orange and will try not to let anyone smudge in any grey!

That’s my slice!sols_6

Slice of Life 26/31


My Tuesday Slice of Life is going to start with a ramble about my blog because a lot of thoughts and concerns hit me this weekend whilst blogging.

I spent time over the weekend reading and posting on blogs; I am amazed to see the wide variety of blogs out there. I never dreamt less than 3 months in AWF would be as member rich as it is – 90 followers, I hold gratitude for everyone who reads a post, likes a post and best of all comments on the posts.

This blog was conceived to document my freelance journey. Along the way I am getting involved in other communities and challenges and meeting some inspirational and talented people. I cannot believe I have been blog-less for so many years!

When I founded my writing website in 2000 it was a haven to help the writer and I suppose I envisaged the blog would be similar. However, I spent a long time choosing my theme and I love the perfect me-ness of my final choice, it is restrictive though and doesn’t allow me to show all I need to.

I have used 3 widgets already and I cannot seem to post the banners to challenges and awards on the main blog. I think I may have created too many pages already being used to websites and infinite possibilities.

At the moment the Blog is my journey, it would be good if others could become part of that though. I suppose (as with all things in life) I shouldn’t be concerned or worried – the 1st few days I was writing into a void. At least now I know there are followers reading.

For me as long as I am writing and blogging then I am achieving this year’s goal in part. It just feels a little lonely sometimes.


Here’s Tuesdays slice! Mmmm a sweet one just like my breakfast!

I treated myself to a French breakfast this morning, some brioche, bought in last night’s shopping spree, it was my treat after avoiding the crisps and sweet aisles! (Ahem! Ironically probably packed with much more calories!) Lovely with morning coffee and perfect for setting good moods for writing away the first few hours. My plan to wake up early worked. Helped by a reasonable couple of hours writing last night and bed at a sensible time.

I work part-time – for the 1st time in my life-it was not something I opted for – but it has enabled me the courage and the time to pursue my freelance career again for the 1st time in over a decade since my last attempt! As I don’t have to go to work until Midday, it is very tempting to make a habit of burning midnight oil (I am an owl/ night time person). I am trying not to though as it is important to be in a proper schedule with my day and night the right way around.

I have worked on my monologue – with just under a week to perfect and edit this performance work. I have also been adding more poetry to the collection/ library.

My plan on this morning’s schedule is to write, read articles, write blog post and go to work. I have several important meetings to attend, including one after work. I should be home before 6pm and the Library will still be open. I will pop in there to blog and have a swift peruse of the shelves before coming home to eat tea and write some more.

I don’t tend to get up to much during the week. I am always pretty exhausted after work – which is only ever a few hrs short of a full shift and writing in the morning and evenings. Often I bring work home to do for the next day too.

Besides at the moment for the first time in years and only because there are big missions/ projects in place which involve saving and spending, I am living pretty much hand to mouth and don’t have lots of surplus funds to socialise.

This is okay as I went away to Poland in February, this month I have been to gigs, cinema, out for meals and spent time with friends. I have plenty of other things to do to occupy my time. And lots to do that I don’t have time for – chores that are always offered to anyone who should utter ‘I’m bored!’ Sometimes I wish I had time to be bored. Can’t imagine it. Far better this way. I like the run ragged look!

That’s my slice.


Slice of Life Challenge 25/31 – Monday, Monday


I am excited that the sun is shining despite the minus temperatures, it will help melt the snow and ice on my car ready to get to work later on today. I had another late writing night managing my schedule. The proposal is sent, it is in the lap of the Gods right now, despite this it was my waking thought.

I have all my paperwork complete for this short 4 day week at work (Easter weekend) so I am enjoying a non-stressful freelance morning. I am reading and posting on SOLC (Slice of Life Challenge) at the moment. I will then work on writing the 2nd part of the monologue and treat my tummy to some Brunch.

Then I am off to work. This evening I will carry on the writing schedule with some poetry as well as working on the performance writing. I had a hair appointment but after the stress and fast pace of last week, I have already re-scheduled for April. I need to make some business calls before work and get off the internet and into my writing!

Not the most interesting slice but there you have it, a slice nevertheless.



I happened upon ‘Two Writing Teachers’ blog a week ago and discovered their Slice of Life Tuesday posts, for March they challenged everybody to a month of slices. People have joined in late (like me), I hope next time to catch it in time and supply a whole month of slices.


Submission Sent


My 4th submission of the month and 12th of the year, a book proposal. I have worked on this project for a week – after spending a fortnight on a different commission which unfortunately I lost out to someone pipping me to the post.


It feels strange as I have spent all my writing time since Tuesday working only on this project. I now have a monologue and several short stories to attempt to complete before the end of March. It will feel strange treading back into fiction.

Still enjoying this decision to attempt freelancing.

When you are doing what you are supposed to do it feels good, that’s the true success story.

Slice of Life Challenge 24 of 31 – A Lazy Sunday SOLC


Today has been a wonderful day, the sort of productive, positive day you don’t mind sharing on your blog. I got up early (for a Sunday and considering I had a late writing night Saturday) and worked on my book proposal. Then Mr G. and I drove into the City to go to the Electric Cinema – a lovely old place complete with sofas and waited service. It was a very snowy drive, fortunately most of the main roads had a least one lane clear.

We watched ‘Cloud Atlas’ an amazing film. I can’t wait to read the book. I left the cinema full of inspiration and the kind of deep thought good films encourage to escape. We were going to pick up a late lunch on the way home, we decided to save that part of the treat for later in the week.

I got home and sat down to finish my book proposal and … I broke the laptop – not literally I’m on it now. Earlier it wouldn’t switch on at all. I fell asleep waiting, having had 6 hours sleep.

I woke up very confused at 8pm thinking it was tomorrow morning. I finally started to finish my book proposal at 9:30pm, 1.5hrs later I have finished my sample chapter and just need to format and edit the package. I am excited and hopeful.

I will email that before bed. I am in my PJ’s ready!


Hope you all had a good weekend.


Here’s a link to my other slice 21st March – I missed posting the link as 21/31 was closed

I happened upon ‘Two Writing Teachers’ blog a week ago and discovered their Slice of Life Tuesday posts, for March they challenged everybody to a month of slices. People have joined in late (like me), I hope next time to catch it in time and supply a whole month of slices.

FWF Free Write Friday: Keepsakes


084723-pink-jelly-icon-business-clock7-sc43I love to freewrite – it is the only type of writing I have completed for the past 6 years. Until 2013 that is. I was spending some time popping into blogs tonight and I happened upon a few new ones.

To take part click here to visit Kellie Elmore’s blog. free-write-friday-kellie-elmore



Most people would have a keepsake that is jewellery or some ornamental piece, as I sit here and think of my keepsakes they are somewhat bigger, probably not worth as much, not that keepsakes are necessarily expensive. Particularly if you’re a mother talking about something your child has made for you. I take a keepsake to mean something that I would never willingly part myself from.

My keepsake was given to me by my Great Aunty, years ago. I used to stay at hers sometimes as a child and would read Reader’s Digest in lieu of children’s books, as she didn’t have any. She used to give me some of the hardback offers she’d get when I was older.

She gave me her paperback (well used copy) of Roget’s Thesaurus when I took my A levels at college. It has been on my shelves ever since. I had already started writing and was published the year before she gave this keepsake to me. It was only this year, as I took it off the shelf (and blew the dust off it) I noticed something for the first time. I think I have used it more in the past 3 months than all the years I have had it.

Something I noticed that makes it even more special, is it was printed the year I was born. To me this Thesaurus will always encompass my Great Aunty’s love for me and also her belief in who I was destined to become – even back then she knew me better than I know myself.

Finally Email Access and News on Publications


I am FINALLY back in my email account, after getting locked out on Tuesday! By the amount of postmaster failure messages I presume my account was hacked. I certainly haven’t sent any from that hotmail account since Monday. I had lots of emails and over 200 to sift through in the junk mail. In amongst all my emails I found two waiting for me that I was really excited to open!

I had 2 emails from recent submissions. One I made in February and the other sent earlier on in March.

Bitter sweet really, the periodical didn’t want to use the poems at this time, although they’ve encouraged continual submission, the others (From Feb.) were accepted for publication in a book, yeh!

First success of this year so far, hopefully the first of many!

golden-bow-decorationjen's hen 140   books

Dusting the Crampons off Again


I spent Thursday evening carrying the book proposal in my head, instead of working on the laptop. I was tired and fell asleep at 6pm, I woke up about 7 and set an alarm for 9pm (to get up and write) I slept through the alarm. Waking up @ 10pm I had to make the decision stay (in bed) or go (get up & write)… I was still in my work clothes and hadn’t eaten so I got up. I couldn’t be bothered to cook I just ate some rice cakes and read a couple of articles to wake up fully.

Things (writing) have started invading now. I wanted it this way, I am not complaining. Some days (even with the schedule) I struggle to keep focus on 1 project at a time. My mind wanders onto other simultaneous writing ventures. I am scribbling lots of notes in an attempt to keep the mind track rolling in one direction.

 Again if any of you want to share your experience, tips or advice here, please do. Although I have recently read articles which suggest this is common for freelance writers as is the need to work on a range of writing at the same time. We are unlikely to have the pleasure of just working on one piece until it is completed and submitted.

I managed to complete a short writing time and also redraft the writing schedule for the weekend in detail. This will be the 1st writing weekend in March as I have been too ill to manage not having some time off. (I still have lingering cold germs but not as bad as they were and besides my schedule is just to full to be ill this weekend!) I am working on 2 big projects with March deadlines and a few other submissions due before the end of the month. I need to make this weekend count.

Friday morning was a success… falling asleep at teatime yesterday certainly proved I needed to rest. My body was still in shut down mode this morning, sleeping through alarms and phone calls. I eventually woke up and after half an hour (breakfast & coffee) was at my laptop working on the proposal (proud of myself!) I have managed 1.5 hours and now need to get ready for work. I feel I have left it all in a good place to carry on with it this evening.

I lost some time working on the proposal Friday night, as I really wanted to see the programmes marking the closing of BBC Television Centre, so sad! broadcasting_bbc_logo

I was up bright and early (for me on a Saturday) to go and work on the life project, I think it went well and I was back and sitting behind my laptop by10a.m. I spent 2 hours researching and this afternoon I am hopefully adding lots of meat to my example chapter and reach may even reach completion! I can then edit and proof it all tomorrow before I make my next submission. Exciting! I am STILL locked out of my hotmail account (since Tues) I hope to have access to the writing I need by tomorrow.

 It is really cold today as it has snowed for the past 2 days (in March!!) the clocks go forward soon and I can’t believe I need to get my Wellies out of the car boot again! The rooftops are pretty with Christmas card snow, the main roads are clear at least but as I found out this morning the pavements are deeply covered and slippery.

I’m wrapped up warm as I sit in one position typing away at the keys, my trusted Slanket – or Slanky as I call it!




Matador Survey for Charity – Book Cover of 2012: Please take part


I know authors who have gone down the Self-publishing route – usually as a result of writing specialist books which just don’t have the commercial value of mass publication. Although it is not a route I am considering, I read about this survey and liked the opportunity to gift to charity just through a simple vote.

The following text is copied from the Matador site, please CLICK THE LINK to vote & support  Arthritis Research UK.

Thank -you


Matador’s team of cover designers has been busy again in 2012! We want to recognise good cover design in self-published books, so we’d like you help us choose the best in-house cover design from one of our books.

Good cover design can make or break a book, so our designers aim to match a good cover to the correct book genre and produce something that forms a part of the book’s “brand”. All our book and ebook covers are designed in consultation with the author and our Marketing Department to give a book the best chance of commercial success in a crowded market.

We’ve selected our twelve favourite covers from titles newly published in 2012, but are throwing open the decision as to the best one to the public.

By voting in the survey you’ll be helping to raise money for Arthritis Research UK; when we reach 100 votes we’ll donate £100 to the charity. The author of the book with winning design will also receive a £25 book token.

If you would like to view other Matador book and ebook covers, please visit our online bookshop. Details of the self-publishing services we offer authors can also be found on our website.

Thank you for taking part!


Goodbye BBC Television Centre


More than bricks,

You are a place where

ghosts perform daily.

Filled with talent,

Filled with dreams,

Fuelled by those with ambition

and thick skin.


Circular corridors,

an infinite shape

People lost to their surroundings,

Offices built on top of studios,

On top of legends of our lives.

Sadness touches us as we watch

and listen to the wise words from those

Lucky enough to wear a BBC pass.


Change, yes

as sure as death it will happen.

I just wish not in my lifetime.


How can I see this palace of performers

Turned to someone’s Penthouse view?

When television stopped

We were left with the test card

of the girl, her toys and the chalkboard.


Now we live in a world of 24/7  TV

Everything available on demand.


How beautiful it would have been

for generations to come

to discover the first television centre

of its kind 

in the whole world.

A place for them to blossom too. 


I cannot believe

they are 

closing the