End of Month Review – March



paper-notes March has been the busiest month this year! My writing schedule filled up quicker with opportunities, I spent longer researching, I wrote two book proposals, which I have learnt take a lot longer than anything else other than the main manuscript!

I read more articles and ebooks and attempted to keep up with the logo on Goodreads, I have only just started to add the titles online!

I submitted 4 pieces of writing and 2 book proposals, that is 14 pieces I have sent out this year.

I received 2 rejections and one submission approved for publication! Success! Yeh!

AWF had 97 followers, that’s an increase of 35 followers and I am grateful to you all.

I participated in the sols_6March Challenge for the final week hosted by Twowritingteachers.

It was good preparation for camp. Which is something else I signed up for.

Signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo – April to complete 50, 000 words on the main manuscript.

I signed up for a real-life workshop (as opposed to virtual ones)

March also brought us the Easter celebrationeaster-eggs and the end of BBC Television Centre.


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