A Final Easter Slice 31/31 SOLC





The Final Slice (until I join the Tuesday challenge!)


I hope you have all had a lovely Easter Sunday. Mine started with gift exchanges, I had many surprises including a chocolate egg from Mr. G.

I cooked breakfast – Hot Cross Buns with chilli… they were yummy.

Then started my final leg of research (having spent a late night on it) today was the deadline for submission.

I realised why the internet is struggling to load sites properly (including my reader on WordPress) I use Vista and was prompted to download Windows 9 – I tried three  times, including restarting and working through the security centre – to no avail.

Time to call an IT guy!

Lunch was spent with my mum sharing a gorgeous Roast Dinner and Easter Gifts, we then went to see my Great Aunty and later on my Grandma and dropped off treats with them too. Many cups of tea and coffee today.

Evening came home, shared special food with Mr G and settled down to watch one of the DVD gifts he gave me this morning. Medium Series 1 (we are both fans, we started watching it in a later series and despite checking the TV channels for Series 1 we have never found it.)

I am enjoying it so far, We switched it off a while ago and I have spent the past 3 hours editing, proof-reading and writing a cover letter and synopsis for my FINAL submission in March.

It’s the Final Countdown!

Despite hotmail changing to Outlook and my browser needing an upgrade I managed to send the email with 3 documents attached. I really need to upgrade my version of Microsoft Word/Office too.

I have researched other products for writers, word still comes out quite well in reviews. I have also completed more research on how to plan and manage freelance projects. I look forward to sharing my strategies and tips with you in April.

Oh, GMT!

I knew the clocks were going forward – I knew it happened at 1 a.m. I forgot it was last night – fortunately my PC and mobile (and TV) all update themselves. That will be why it was suddenly 3 a.m before I went to bed!

Good job tech is a few steps ahead of me huh!


Look forward to reading your slices and catching up with you all on Tuesdays.

Big thanks to Twowritingteachers for such a great challenge!

It has helped me – especially as camp (NaNoWriMo) starts tomorrow! I need to complete 1,667 words a day.



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