Daily Archives: March 30, 2013

30/31 Slice of Life – Chores and Surprises!


I cannot believe it isn’t even 1:30pm yet, I have done so much today. I was up late researching, fell asleep on the laptop. Had to get up early to see tradesmen and meet people on the current project, then walk into town (at least the sun was shining, even if we do still need 3 layers!) I had to set up some debits with the Bank and buy a birthday card – it’s my nearly-sister-in-law’s birthday Tuesday. Mr G. had also placed an order for breakfast burgers.

I treated myself to a mooch in the bookstore before I left town with the card and burgers. People were giving out free Easter treats in the High Street from local Churches. Quite a magical, happy atmosphere for such a cold March Saturday.

I came home to a gift, Mr G. and I went to see Cloud Atlas last Sunday, I mentioned how I’d love to read the book. And guess what? There on the cushion was a flipbook of Cloud Atlas, it will be my next read – I can’t wait!

After we’d eaten we watched some of the TV programmes we had recorded during the week and then I fired up the laptop. I have to finish writing today as the schedule for this month comes to a close. I also started doing some research – but as I am currently trying to de-frag the machine other programmes aren’t running well.

sols_6Another Easter Slice easter-egg