29/31 Slice of Life – Easter Slices


Had a lovely evening last night, out for a meal with work colleagues to celebrate the beginning of Easter. I felt comfortable and ended up staying for nearly 3 hours!

It was great coming home, emptying the boot of bags and bags and not having to cook when I got in.

It’s all about the small things!

 Today I am in holiday mode. I relaxed last night and started on the writing schedule before bed. This morning I treated myself to my refillable-not-acosta-coffee-cup- (they may be called Polar cups – mine featured heavily at the beginning of this blog – Backwaters to January if you’re interested) and special coffee mmmmmm mmmmmmmmm! 

I planned to boot the laptop up and get on with writing…

but there wasn’t time. I had planned to go and see my mum. For a while she was trying to book tickets for Symphony Hall as my Easter treat – but we decided we didn’t want to rush about and they only had expensive seats left. We cooked a stir fry lunch together instead and caught up!

I FINALLY posted a letter written for a dear friend that has now been in my car for 4 days, I was meaning to post it and then kept driving past the post boxes.

No excuse now I am a lady of leisure.

When work gets busy the 1st people I don’t get to see are my family, which is foolish as they (along with Mr G) are the only ones who can pull me through the tough times! I enjoyed my time with Mum. I then went and braved the Good Friday Supermarket! Purchasing just Easter bits and gifts. I saw two friends in there too – was nice to catch up over our shopping trollies!

I had designated today as my writing day. It is now nearly half past 5! I guess tonight will be my writing time, I have several submissions to complete edits on and send. 

I need to make a few submissions today.

I have received confirmation emails for a writing workshop I am booked on for April (and then was invited on a skiing holiday! Typical!) and had my first camp email too. (I joined NaNoWriMo April Camp – see this post https://awritersfountain.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/im-going-camping/ – it’s not too late for you to join too!) I’m doing it in the hope of producing half a book manuscript. 

I put this on the backburner in February and owe it lots of word count!

I am also making a few holiday plans to keep my happiness ticking over. I hope you all enjoy your Easter weekends too.

I look forward to reading all about them.


 Happy Easter Slice easter_21265916

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  1. Thanks Jackie – the busy times are one of the reasons I have joined April’s NaNoWriMo camp – a first timer – will see if it works to make up time on the manuscript.
    I will make down time too! Before we know it we will be back at work!

  2. It is all about the small things. All of these small things built up to a very busy day for your, plus it sounds like it was an enjoyable one at that. It’s great to be able to sit back and enjoy a holiday weekend.

    • True. I had a slow start to the day and some of it was planned and other parts just happened, good to be busy – equally happy I have time to relax. And unlike last year, I won’t have to go anywhere near a shop on Easter Sunday!

  3. I scooted to the market for three things and found it pleasantly empty. I was in and out in no time. Enjoy reading your posts and the teeny differences in vocab make it more fun. I find the commenting equally frustrating- the technical part of it- when posting to something other than wordpress.

    • The Supermarket was not as busy as I expected, I think at 4:30pm I’d missed the rush!
      I’m glad you have enjoyed reading the slices. Feel free to have a splash around in the waters of the fountain, there’s plenty here.
      I am glad that it isn’t just me struggling with the blogspot comments. I think I may need to update my browser or something, it never accepts my wordpress address.

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