Daily Archives: March 26, 2013

Slice of Life 26/31


My Tuesday Slice of Life is going to start with a ramble about my blog because a lot of thoughts and concerns hit me this weekend whilst blogging.

I spent time over the weekend reading and posting on blogs; I am amazed to see the wide variety of blogs out there. I never dreamt less than 3 months in AWF would be as member rich as it is – 90 followers, I hold gratitude for everyone who reads a post, likes a post and best of all comments on the posts.

This blog was conceived to document my freelance journey. Along the way I am getting involved in other communities and challenges and meeting some inspirational and talented people. I cannot believe I have been blog-less for so many years!

When I founded my writing website in 2000 it was a haven to help the writer and I suppose I envisaged the blog would be similar. However, I spent a long time choosing my theme and I love the perfect me-ness of my final choice, it is restrictive though and doesn’t allow me to show all I need to.

I have used 3 widgets already and I cannot seem to post the banners to challenges and awards on the main blog. I think I may have created too many pages already being used to websites and infinite possibilities.

At the moment the Blog is my journey, it would be good if others could become part of that though. I suppose (as with all things in life) I shouldn’t be concerned or worried – the 1st few days I was writing into a void. At least now I know there are followers reading.

For me as long as I am writing and blogging then I am achieving this year’s goal in part. It just feels a little lonely sometimes.


Here’s Tuesdays slice! Mmmm a sweet one just like my breakfast!

I treated myself to a French breakfast this morning, some brioche, bought in last night’s shopping spree, it was my treat after avoiding the crisps and sweet aisles! (Ahem! Ironically probably packed with much more calories!) Lovely with morning coffee and perfect for setting good moods for writing away the first few hours. My plan to wake up early worked. Helped by a reasonable couple of hours writing last night and bed at a sensible time.

I work part-time – for the 1st time in my life-it was not something I opted for – but it has enabled me the courage and the time to pursue my freelance career again for the 1st time in over a decade since my last attempt! As I don’t have to go to work until Midday, it is very tempting to make a habit of burning midnight oil (I am an owl/ night time person). I am trying not to though as it is important to be in a proper schedule with my day and night the right way around.

I have worked on my monologue – with just under a week to perfect and edit this performance work. I have also been adding more poetry to the collection/ library.

My plan on this morning’s schedule is to write, read articles, write blog post and go to work. I have several important meetings to attend, including one after work. I should be home before 6pm and the Library will still be open. I will pop in there to blog and have a swift peruse of the shelves before coming home to eat tea and write some more.

I don’t tend to get up to much during the week. I am always pretty exhausted after work – which is only ever a few hrs short of a full shift and writing in the morning and evenings. Often I bring work home to do for the next day too.

Besides at the moment for the first time in years and only because there are big missions/ projects in place which involve saving and spending, I am living pretty much hand to mouth and don’t have lots of surplus funds to socialise.

This is okay as I went away to Poland in February, this month I have been to gigs, cinema, out for meals and spent time with friends. I have plenty of other things to do to occupy my time. And lots to do that I don’t have time for – chores that are always offered to anyone who should utter ‘I’m bored!’ Sometimes I wish I had time to be bored. Can’t imagine it. Far better this way. I like the run ragged look!

That’s my slice.