Slice of Life Challenge 25/31 – Monday, Monday


I am excited that the sun is shining despite the minus temperatures, it will help melt the snow and ice on my car ready to get to work later on today. I had another late writing night managing my schedule. The proposal is sent, it is in the lap of the Gods right now, despite this it was my waking thought.

I have all my paperwork complete for this short 4 day week at work (Easter weekend) so I am enjoying a non-stressful freelance morning. I am reading and posting on SOLC (Slice of Life Challenge) at the moment. I will then work on writing the 2nd part of the monologue and treat my tummy to some Brunch.

Then I am off to work. This evening I will carry on the writing schedule with some poetry as well as working on the performance writing. I had a hair appointment but after the stress and fast pace of last week, I have already re-scheduled for April. I need to make some business calls before work and get off the internet and into my writing!

Not the most interesting slice but there you have it, a slice nevertheless.



I happened upon ‘Two Writing Teachers’ blog a week ago and discovered their Slice of Life Tuesday posts, for March they challenged everybody to a month of slices. People have joined in late (like me), I hope next time to catch it in time and supply a whole month of slices.


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    • True…this evening was no more interesting! Just shopping and not the fun kind. Petrol and food. I have not started writing yet. I was home just before 6pm and have watched some TV quiz shows to test my brain still works. Am prepping for work tomorrow and then later, about 8pm I shall start writing.

      Tomorrow may appear just as boring, however it is much busier. I shall leave that for tomorrow’s SOLC!

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