Daily Archives: March 25, 2013

Slice of Life Challenge 25/31 – Monday, Monday


I am excited that the sun is shining despite the minus temperatures, it will help melt the snow and ice on my car ready to get to work later on today. I had another late writing night managing my schedule. The proposal is sent, it is in the lap of the Gods right now, despite this it was my waking thought.

I have all my paperwork complete for this short 4 day week at work (Easter weekend) so I am enjoying a non-stressful freelance morning. I am reading and posting on SOLC (Slice of Life Challenge) at the moment. I will then work on writing the 2nd part of the monologue and treat my tummy to some Brunch.

Then I am off to work. This evening I will carry on the writing schedule with some poetry as well as working on the performance writing. I had a hair appointment but after the stress and fast pace of last week, I have already re-scheduled for April. I need to make some business calls before work and get off the internet and into my writing!

Not the most interesting slice but there you have it, a slice nevertheless.



I happened upon ‘Two Writing Teachers’ blog a week ago and discovered their Slice of Life Tuesday posts, for March they challenged everybody to a month of slices. People have joined in late (like me), I hope next time to catch it in time and supply a whole month of slices.




Submission Sent


My 4th submission of the month and 12th of the year, a book proposal. I have worked on this project for a week – after spending a fortnight on a different commission which unfortunately I lost out to someone pipping me to the post.


It feels strange as I have spent all my writing time since Tuesday working only on this project. I now have a monologue and several short stories to attempt to complete before the end of March. It will feel strange treading back into fiction.

Still enjoying this decision to attempt freelancing.

When you are doing what you are supposed to do it feels good, that’s the true success story.