FWF Free Write Friday: Keepsakes


084723-pink-jelly-icon-business-clock7-sc43I love to freewrite – it is the only type of writing I have completed for the past 6 years. Until 2013 that is. I was spending some time popping into blogs tonight and I happened upon a few new ones.

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Most people would have a keepsake that is jewellery or some ornamental piece, as I sit here and think of my keepsakes they are somewhat bigger, probably not worth as much, not that keepsakes are necessarily expensive. Particularly if you’re a mother talking about something your child has made for you. I take a keepsake to mean something that I would never willingly part myself from.

My keepsake was given to me by my Great Aunty, years ago. I used to stay at hers sometimes as a child and would read Reader’s Digest in lieu of children’s books, as she didn’t have any. She used to give me some of the hardback offers she’d get when I was older.

She gave me her paperback (well used copy) of Roget’s Thesaurus when I took my A levels at college. It has been on my shelves ever since. I had already started writing and was published the year before she gave this keepsake to me. It was only this year, as I took it off the shelf (and blew the dust off it) I noticed something for the first time. I think I have used it more in the past 3 months than all the years I have had it.

Something I noticed that makes it even more special, is it was printed the year I was born. To me this Thesaurus will always encompass my Great Aunty’s love for me and also her belief in who I was destined to become – even back then she knew me better than I know myself.

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    • Thanks Charles, my grandparents used to keep a small library of children’s books for my brothers and I when we stayed. I remember my Great Aunty had a couple of ‘Ladybird’ books with vegetable characters but mainly I would have my nose in the Reader’s Digest whilst she did the crossword in the paper.

  1. I found you through Kellie’s FWF, Keepsakes was my first time too. What an incredible story – that your great aunt bought the new edition of Roget’s Thesaurus for you the year you were born. Words are clearly destined to be a big deal in your life šŸ™‚

    • Thanks Joanna, glad you found the blog, hope you enjoy having a look around.
      I’m not sure my Great Aunty bought it for me, but she did buy it the year I was born.
      She gifted it to me years ago and I can’t believe that this year is the first time
      I realised the print edition was from my birth year.
      My family are delighted that I am writing again and that I have already found success this year.
      I am happy to be following my creative spirit at least.

      • Getting to be quite a group of regular contributors, including poets, writers and even ones like me that just throw something at the screen…. šŸ™‚

      • That’s great. And as for throwing it at the screen that’s what freewriting is all about. I look forward to checking out more blogs next time I’m online.
        They don’t work on my phone.

  2. Great piece,I love the flow. I bought my first Roget’s decades ago with pocket money. I used it until it finally fell apart in the 90s.

    • Thanks Gail, mine is getting there (falling apart) I handle it like a precious book!
      Great thing to spend pocket money. I saved mine for records or blew it on sweets!

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