Matador Survey for Charity – Book Cover of 2012: Please take part


I know authors who have gone down the Self-publishing route – usually as a result of writing specialist books which just don’t have the commercial value of mass publication. Although it is not a route I am considering, I read about this survey and liked the opportunity to gift to charity just through a simple vote.

The following text is copied from the Matador site, please CLICK THE LINK to vote & support  Arthritis Research UK.

Thank -you


Matador’s team of cover designers has been busy again in 2012! We want to recognise good cover design in self-published books, so we’d like you help us choose the best in-house cover design from one of our books.

Good cover design can make or break a book, so our designers aim to match a good cover to the correct book genre and produce something that forms a part of the book’s “brand”. All our book and ebook covers are designed in consultation with the author and our Marketing Department to give a book the best chance of commercial success in a crowded market.

We’ve selected our twelve favourite covers from titles newly published in 2012, but are throwing open the decision as to the best one to the public.

By voting in the survey you’ll be helping to raise money for Arthritis Research UK; when we reach 100 votes we’ll donate £100 to the charity. The author of the book with winning design will also receive a £25 book token.

If you would like to view other Matador book and ebook covers, please visit our online bookshop. Details of the self-publishing services we offer authors can also be found on our website.

Thank you for taking part!


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