Daily Archives: March 22, 2013

Goodbye BBC Television Centre


More than bricks,

You are a place where

ghosts perform daily.

Filled with talent,

Filled with dreams,

Fuelled by those with ambition

and thick skin.


Circular corridors,

an infinite shape

People lost to their surroundings,

Offices built on top of studios,

On top of legends of our lives.

Sadness touches us as we watch

and listen to the wise words from those

Lucky enough to wear a BBC pass.


Change, yes

as sure as death it will happen.

I just wish not in my lifetime.


How can I see this palace of performers

Turned to someone’s Penthouse view?

When television stopped

We were left with the test card

of the girl, her toys and the chalkboard.


Now we live in a world of 24/7  TV

Everything available on demand.


How beautiful it would have been

for generations to come

to discover the first television centre

of its kind 

in the whole world.

A place for them to blossom too. 


I cannot believe

they are 

closing the