Daily Archives: March 21, 2013

Just a Slice


Well here we are, several steps closer to the weekend! I am still locked out of my email, I have now contacted Microsoft for help. At least I have the joy of AN EMPTY inbox over in the new account I am using, having already filed emails from the publishers into a folder, how very organised (totally unlike me)! AND the good news is I have an extension, so hopefully I will be able to access the research notes from my locked account to help finish my proposal by mid weekend, this is great news as I am still suffering this cold (2 weeks now) and I started on the book at 8 this morning and needed more sleep. Which left just an hour before work to write and finish the 1st chapter. Now I get to spend some proper time on it tonight and I can actually have a bit of  much needed down time before work. Phew!

As far as the weekend goes it is already fairly packed. Finishing this proposal, writing some other submissions, meeting with tradesmen I booked earlier in the week, going to the allotment which has been resting all winter. I hate to think how bad it is going to look and how much work there’s going to be! Completing work,work paperwork and for Sunday Mr G. and I are booking a treat.


Offline now until I finish my book proposal.

Happy writing