Midnight Oil


Tuesday Night

It’s nearly 11:30pm way too late to START writing… what choice do I have? I spent the morning sorting the real life stuff and researching for the proposal (due Thurs), then work, appointments and home. I made it in for 5:30pm and then carried on working – I have JUST finished (mainly additional prep for tomorrow) – I have had less than an HOUR off all evening for cooking – eating etc in 10 minute spats here and there. Constricted. Suffocating and oppressed by my things to do list!

—- End of moan —-

11:30pm I will spend an hour on the proposal before bed. I know in the morning the main focus will once again be work and it will continue that way until tomorrow teatime, when like a bad dream it will all be over!

The full time writing can’t come soon enough, if ever there was an incentive!

I know I will be spending tomorrow night and Thursday morning desperately finalising my proposal. (That’s roughly 7hrs writing/ editing time, hope I get it finished this time!)


Any tips on how not to be a last minute writing wonder would be greatly received!

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