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Midnight Oil


Tuesday Night

It’s nearly 11:30pm way too late to START writing… what choice do I have? I spent the morning sorting the real life stuff and researching for the proposal (due Thurs), then work, appointments and home. I made it in for 5:30pm and then carried on working – I have JUST finished (mainly additional prep for tomorrow) – I have had less than an HOUR off all evening for cooking – eating etc in 10 minute spats here and there. Constricted. Suffocating and oppressed by my things to do list!

—- End of moan —-

11:30pm I will spend an hour on the proposal before bed. I know in the morning the main focus will once again be work and it will continue that way until tomorrow teatime, when like a bad dream it will all be over!

The full time writing can’t come soon enough, if ever there was an incentive!

I know I will be spending tomorrow night and Thursday morning desperately finalising my proposal. (That’s roughly 7hrs writing/ editing time, hope I get it finished this time!)


Any tips on how not to be a last minute writing wonder would be greatly received!

If All of This Was in a Contract… No one Would Sign it, EVER!


Let me set some context, yesterday (Monday) was a crazy, packed morning, 3 hours worth of research and phone calls to do with a current life project, none of which was fully resolved before I went to work and all of which still need to be co-ordinated & finalised today.


By the time I am home from work I am shattered, it is tempting to sleep straight away. No TV, no tea, no writing, no boosting back up to a my-life-is-wonderful 8 or 9.

I traded sleep for an hour staring at the TV screen and then (to my pride and delight) hit the laptop! There was no way my Monday was going to be a –15 overall!

I mainly completed admin, working on copying and pasting the writing schedule after my 2nd weekend of inactivity, adding more to it and checking out a few of the listed websites. I put my laptop to hibernate (wishing it was me) and helped myself to calories from the kitchen.

Then I wrote my list of THINGS I NEED TO DO (for today) in case I woke up with sudden memory loss or something! The listing is a habit I am trying to break but sometimes there is so much going on in my mind that I need that list to keep everything in check and I am certainly having a busy–head-mincing-kind-of –a-week!

And then….

THEN I WROTE! Yipppeeee! For the first time since Thursday! Half a piece, due by the end of the month. It feels so good, like a shower after a camping trip or a hot drink when you’re out in the snow. I hadn’t realised until I wrote this that it has been 3 days since I last wrote, I am just aware with being under the weather I keep missing writing out of my days. Also last week there was a flurry of overwriting* to make all my mid March submissions in time, so maybe those 3 days were necessary rest-bite.

*Overwriting — Where you have to force yourself to stay chained to the keypad and keep writing on a par with dissertation/academic writing or final exam cramming!

Today and tomorrow I have to balance the writer – who has a proposal for a commission to finish (especially as I missed out last week and was pipped to the post & it would mean ‘REAL MONEY’) and the busy-bee who is organising part of the life project for herself and Mr G. all of this in 48hours… (where did I put that Wonder Woman outfit?)

I am here in the library working on both the writer and busy bee from above and posting this, typed on my laptop last night @ 10pm when my eyes were half shut and my fingers had started to fall asleep, 1 b y   1       And                      my                    life                                rate                                      shot                             up                 to                         a                    comfortable                                            7!

Tuesday Morning

I hope to Blog tomorrow my main and only focus will be finishing the proposal. If you don’t see me, I am bound to the laptop, desperately forcing my mind to work overtime!