All’s Well that Ends Well (Weds)


Last night (Tues) I missed another deadline, I realise it is sometimes too difficult to produce the work fast enough in such small frames of time, especially as I have not written for 6 years! The lesson I learnt is the same lesson I was taught in February (turns out I’m not such a good student after all!) CHECK the schedule, keep up to date with the schedule and work on the right projects at the right time.

Work on the right projects at the right time.

I also learnt the rest of the ‘overload’ lesson, I am setting myself up for writer’s dips if I attempt to enter and submit every opportunity I find!
I now know I am a good researcher and I can use this skill to work on my m/s. Just because I find it doesn’t mean I have to do it.

Just because I find it doesn’t mean I have to do it.

I am been partially selective, on the grounds of genre, time allocation, word counts, global destinations, payment, even with a slush pile of my own I was pinning up far too many pieces of work.
I am an all or nothing type, it can’t be helped (believe me I’ve tried) I’m sure my initial expectation wouldn’t have been possible even if I wrote full-time.

So this month I listen to the inner me, who screams,
“Oh my goodness! (Or words to that affect!) Another piece? Seriously? And when will you have time to finish that proposal? Arrgghhhh! Can’t see the wood for the trees…”
Beginning to hate the thought of firing up the laptop when you are only just letting your second skin breathe is not good. Post-author depression…

Beginning to hate the thought of firing up the laptop … is not good.

Today I stop.
Today I give myself a fighting chance.
Today I rewrite the remaining part of this week on the schedule.
Allowing time for completion, editing and proofing.

Other projects will develop along the way (they always do) – they don’t need to be written straight away. With this in mind – ironically I completed my writing mission of 6 poems last night (I sat down at 10pm with only two)! I was two days behind schedule. Instead of rushing, spending money and in all probability missing the postal deadlines, I’ve decided to keep building the collection & work on a solid, polished submission that I am happy with for autumn, when this publication will call for submissions again.

Keep building the collection.

To make myself feel better, I looked over the poetry book I’m currently writing as my main March project. Even without these 6 new poems – which were written for a different publication and may/not be suitable. I am still 1/3 of my way to a full m/s. I have been writing it since beginning of the month, if I continue at this pace I predict it will be finished way before the end of 2013, allowing plenty of time to edit! Fingers crossed – if I accomplish this then I will finally have cracked this writing schedule mystery!
It is definitely within my grasp, I will go for it, either way there will be an abundance of poetry.
It is definitely within my grasp, I will go for it.

What better distraction from the spring cleaning/ packing!
It felt good that such a long, hard day ended with poetry and uplifted emotions!

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