Monday, Monday


I am going to invent a much needed gadget for all writers…. Dragon’s Den lookout!

Time just slips, slips away. I have spent half an hour at the computer – I checked writing schedule, researched the publishers I am writing a proposal for, tried to forward an important life related email to Mr. G (who is already working) it’s 8:20 a.m., technically I’m full of cold and half asleep! I have 4 word docs open that I should be addressing and here I am in window no.5 preparing a blog post to post later!

Show me the way to the coffee… my brain has worked out it’s MONDAY & it seems I may have broken the internet!

 My memory stick is in the other room and despite a large amount of hoping and wishing it isn’t going to find me on its own. My telekinetic powers fail once more!

Oh well, I will just have to pass the kettle in the kitchen on my way.

Part of the AWF blog is keeping myself on track, so as I need training barriers this morning I am leaving myself a things to do before work list;

  •  Finish book proposal
  • Complete application paperwork
  • Write 2 cover letters
  • Research 3 websites – writing schedule
  • Attempt to add more poetry to the current m/s

That’s just the ‘writing’ points, I have more to do on life and prep for work!


THE EDIT – 2 hours later

  • Finish book proposal – Nearly, I have a page of notes and references to work on tonight. I find writing the introduction to a book you have not yet written to be an almost impossible task in a Dr. Seuss type way.
  • Complete application paperwork
  • Write 2 cover letters…emails sent
  • Research 3 websites – writing schedule
  • Attempt to add more poetry to the current m/s

^ ^ ^ The remaining items are ‘timed out’ as I need to start on other missions now away from the world of writing!

If I manage to complete the list by bedtime I will be happy. (I hope!)

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  1. What a difference a day makes… 12Hrs later I am just about done and hoping to get an hour or so tapping at the keys before I fall asleep! It snowed lots again earlier, it is meant to be -7• c tonight bbbrrrrr…. I cleared the bed… mistake, the extra layer of junk could have kept me warm!
    Right I had best get on before I blog away my hour.
    I have to be in early tomorrow, no more writing in my pj’s… @ least my application will be in the post early & I will be home before rush hour.

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