Daily Archives: March 10, 2013

Wintery Blues


I can’t believe it snowed today whilst I was driving over to see my Mum for Mother’s Day! I have a stinking cold, not feeling full of Spring joys by a long shot!

This weekend ‘Life’ has taken over and kept me busy, although I have managed some reading time- I have not been able to write much at all.

I have to complete my applications & proposals (started Friday) before tomorrow evening and get them sent off. I am glad that I have just 3 writing priorities this month (as life has certainly slipped into the fast lane with everything else) aside from the aforementioned paperwork I have a poetry m/s to work on for the end of the month which is 3 sections in already and apart from that I have pretty much had to drop the rest of the schedule for now to give myself enough head space to manage the rest of my life.

That colourful juggling we all do!

I hope you are all managing your writing – and/ or Mothering Sunday celebrations!