Sitting in bed with my Notebooks


Today started too early and I never really caught up. I managed several errands and tried to read some articles on writing. I had several mugs of coffee, surprise,surprise, that didn’t help my wandering attention. By 4pm I gave up and gave in. I was level exhausted tired. I had been up until 3 a.m researching. I woke up an hour ago hauled myself out of bed and read half a poetry book whilst chomping on carrots. I won one battle!

I am now scouring notebooks for inspiration and writing will happen…. The carrots are back in the fridge and I am halfway through a bar of white chocolate!

Apologies for spelling I am on the phone and can’t see what is being typed.

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    • Now mainly attached to my teeth to be honest! It worked though already editing the first poem. Power of chocolate! 🙂 May have to rename the blog…

      • Great. I have a writing notebook, everything goes in one place. It is messy and scribbly and I forgot one or 2 opportunities. Now I type actual submission details up on a schedule too. Started that just a week ago. Takes away the panic and senseless hours scouring lists!
        Off to write more now. Look forward to your comments on the chocolate post when it exists!

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