Daily Archives: March 2, 2013

Power of Chocolate


20 Poems in 2.5 hrs, that’s the power of chocolate! Maybe it was the lack of deadlines and pressure. It took me  longer on Thursday!

Calling it a night now… I hope to dream up more poems.

An Edit on Monday
Funnily enough over the weekend I was reading and there was a scene where the actors demanded a rewrite, the scriptwriters couldn’t find any new ideas and struggled to edit. At midnight someone went and bought a load of chocolate and after their ideas started free-flowing. So it isn’t just me who believes in the power of chocolate! The author is obviously writing from where she knows too.

Sitting in bed with my Notebooks


Today started too early and I never really caught up. I managed several errands and tried to read some articles on writing. I had several mugs of coffee, surprise,surprise, that didn’t help my wandering attention. By 4pm I gave up and gave in. I was level exhausted tired. I had been up until 3 a.m researching. I woke up an hour ago hauled myself out of bed and read half a poetry book whilst chomping on carrots. I won one battle!

I am now scouring notebooks for inspiration and writing will happen…. The carrots are back in the fridge and I am halfway through a bar of white chocolate!

Apologies for spelling I am on the phone and can’t see what is being typed.