The Last Leg of a Great Trek up the Writing Mountain


I have to say I have enjoyed this journey far more than the paperwork mountain (a trek I am very used to)! It has been almost 12 hours since my final day of writing began – I don’t mean final, final, – just those pieces and submissions due for the 28th February. Here I am typing away about the last leg when I actually should be bouncing up the mountainside like a mountain goat, in the other window where my work is.

Just taking 5, I managed 4 hours editing, 6 submissions and 1 post here this morning before work. I then managed freedom by 5:30 – I have spent the best part of an hour writing and have now got 2 submissions (4 poems) to complete.
I was beaten by the Short Story, there simply wasn’t enough story.
That’s the reason people say WRITE FROM WHERE/WHAT YOU KNOW! (Yes, I am shouting it – to myself though so I don’t end up in this position again next month!) I researched and interviewed people who were in positions of knowledge but there was never enough story to stretch it into a 4 figure word count. Guess I will save it for a flash. All is not lost. Unlike many writers I don’t throw away dead works. Thank goodness they are all on a tiny memorystick nowadays. My rooms are all filled with files and paper.
(I think I’d need to employ someone in a full-time position to make it otherwise… I’d rather buy shoes.)

Right I’m rambling, must get off and finish the poetry.
I am very happy with this writing month (minus several started and unfinished pieces), even those can be forgiven.

Message to you all;
Be gentle on yourself.
Forgive yourself.
Sometimes it writes and sometimes it doesn’t.

I think Writing is like a child or animal, unpredictable even when trained. I am amazed where my mind can write me and other days I think it has lost itself completely.
I’m sure you have all been there.

Off to trek the last great leg x

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  1. Yeh! I did it! 2 more hours, 4 poems, 2 submissions!
    February done.

    (Big sigh of relief) – have really felt the Freelance pressure this week.
    If I wasn’t absolutely exhausted, I’d throw myself a party… I am dancing about in my mind.

    Now to take the road home. I may sleep at the top of this mountain tonight!

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