Daily Archives: February 23, 2013

Writing the Mountain


I love having a weekend free to write, apart from travel notes and a few poems I have not written all week as I was travelling and exploring new places. I have almost made up for the write-less week with over 10hrs of writing and research.

I have a whole list of websites to check and I have found two more writing opportunities. I had already printed a schedule (only took me a month to realise every writer needs one!) now it has notes scribbled all over it and I think I may be forced to put a hold on some projects.

I have already put my main manuscript down for the end of this month as I am now working on a collection of poems and several shorter submissions for publication. My writing notebook is full of scribbled notes and lists. All this work is filling me with positive energy and a feeling that I am doing the right thing. I am just a little concerned that I am going to have to account for every hour of the day until the end of March!


As a result of the busy work schedule, I may not be around too much to blog. We will see.

Putting the writing first for now.

Happy writing to you all.