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Amazingly I discovered this publication earlier today whilst researching. Then I discovered this post on Kristen Lamb’s blog. i love how the universe sends crystal clear messages to us sometimes. This post is a great read, you can order the book on Amazon.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

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Happy Friday! We have a real treat. Becca Puglisi is here to give tips to take your writing to a whole new level. All writers struggle, especially when trying to convey emotion. It’s easy to beat the same words until they bleed and WE cry. This is one of the reasons that The Emotion Thesaurus is a must-have reference for writers. Becca and Angela took the time to put together one of the most innovative and valuable writing tools I’ve ever seen. We are thrilled to have Becca here today!

Take it away, Becca!


I considered writing today about that one thing you need to write a truly great story that the reader can’t put down. But we all know that there isn’t just one thing. Voice? Plot? Characterization? Motivation? Sure. All of the above. But since I’ve seen roughly a gajillion blog posts that cover these topics, I’d…

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Mindslam – Blogging



I found the Mindslam today and thought I would give it a go.

Week 19 Idea: What do you enjoy most about blogging?

I started blogging on the 4th January 2013, I have many friends who have written blogs for years, I am a little late chasing the band wagon and jumping up on it!
The main reason for creating A Writers Fountain was to log my own year of writing, as I have had the past 6 years off. I had no idea of the wonderful world of WordPress I would find.
Firstly, I love the community of sharing and reblogging, searching blogs can save hours of net research. I also love what I have found, the people and writing challenges. I like reading other blogs over the weekend and trying to keep mine up to date during the week.
I think it is a good way into my writing day, breaking the ice and saving on writing exercises scribbled into forgotten journals. Just like an Aerobics class the warm up is the best.
Blogging has opened up a new writing world to me that I am enjoying exploring. It also keeps me on track with my own writing schedules and deadlines and enables me to share some of my world with you.


Wonderful, inspiring and something you will recognise yourself within. I saw it on ermiliablog today and just had to share it too.
Write on today, go on, do your job!


Anne (visit her blog if you haven’t already! She’s a brilliant writer) sent me this video the other day. I love TedTalks, many of you may know as this isn’t my first TedTalk video I’ve shared.

I wanted to share this one with you all because Elizabeth Gilbert (the author of Eat, Love, Pray) talks about creativity. Without spoiling her talk, she discusses perspectives on where ‘creativity’ originates: from within or as an external source. The reputation writers, actors, and other creative professions have created, has been one where mental instability is often a common theme. Since creativity requires so much emotional involvement, this may be part of the explanation. Gilbert investigates another way we writers can perceive our creative genius, a way that may be more healthy for those of us who get anxious.

Regardless of whether you are a writer/poet or not, I really recommend this talk…

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Travels and Returns


Poems in my pocket, scribbled muse, fantastic memories and a Polski hat I can wear back home as the weather has turned very cold! Uploading photographs and getting back on with the writing schedule again today, I had to create a coloured table to make sure I don’t miss any deadlines now!