Early Morning Research & some Questions for You to Answer


bubble-cloud-background It is 6:00a.m, I have been awake for nearly an hour. I have been warming my typing hands up, blogging. Now I am ready to move onto my research. (I haven’t even had a coffee yet!) Wandering around Blogland questions have been whirling around my mind, I thought I’d post them here… is it just me? Let me know your answers please.

1) Fed up of the projects.
Unlike writers block, this is when you fall completely out of favour with the pieces of writing you’re currently working on. Does this happen to you?

2) Pingbacks.
I am new to WordPress, I know how they work and how to create them, I see that it is an opportunity to link sites, my question is why is it not a two-way thing? As far as I can tell, it leads me to you but won’t lead any of your readers back to me. Is this right?
It’s just a nice thing to do right? Pay it forward.

3) Does anyone else type in the dark?
I don’t usually, it’s early and I don’t want to wake people up!

4) When you have a load of questions in your head and you don’t write them down, do you forget them?

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  1. I do get fed up with projects, they feel like constipation.
    I only use them on the daily prompt, so don’t know about that, but I dropped facebook for that very reason, post stuff no response, respond to others but nothing…
    Often I do my blogs at 345 before my exercise.
    I don’t write them down, but do remember them through memory storage methods, i.e. linking to something I remember.

    • 1) I feel the same on point 1 today, I have spent the day researching and working with photography and had a rest from the writing notebook. I am hoping the zero wordcount will inspire me to write harder tomorrow evening. I have written everyday for a long while and it feels like I have a mental repetitive strain injury! I am glad it happens to others, I guess the blocks hit us all. (To be fair work has been challenging over the past 3 weeks and I just don’t have the strength to put myself 100% into everything everyday!)

      2) I still am no wiser about Pingbacks and trying to work out their reason for existing only adds to my strained head!

      3) I am going to have to take care not to stay in the comfort zone of Blogland and write offline tomorrow. There is always another site to visit!

      4) I think I was sleep deprived and my mind was working faster than my typing hands, I was definitely not awake enough to use memory methods. Although it amazes me you can train your brain this way. I hoped the questions would come back to me and I could edit the post, I must have dreamt them.

      Thanks for sharing.

  2. 1. Happens all the time.
    2. I think pingbacks are more auto generated as opposed to linking up someone’s post. But if someone gets a lot of pingbacks, I doubt they go back to the link. But then that’s what I think of them.
    3. I do type in the dark but only on phone. Can’t do that while on laptop.
    4. I forget questions all the time even when I’m writing them down.

    I’m pretty sure I confused you more than being helpful..:-) and it took me several attempts to post this comment as WordPress is giving me issues on my phone!

    • 1) I will count my lucky stars this is the 1st time in 40 days.
      2) A pingback is auto-generated when you reblog but I have people leave pingbacks as comments and they appear on the post and link back to their site, I’m not sure. I don’t do it, seems a little pushy especially if you are not even leaving a like or a comment in my blog 1st. Maybe this part of wordpress and blogging will remain a mystery.
      3) I wouldn’t advise typing in the dark on a laptop – it hurts your head.
      4) I’m usually okay if I write them down.

      No, your response was helpful, thanks for sharing your thoughts, I struggle posting from the phone too – I will delete the earlier attempts for you. 😉

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