Daily Archives: February 7, 2013

Waiting for Precious Writing Time


The talk last night was amazing. You know how the universe creates coincidence? I booked onto it last month, wrote 4 pages of notes in my A4 Writing notebook and saw many possibilities how historical information and the past can help me create my book of the future. The idea I had yesterday. WOW! Didn’t realise being on the right track could feel so good.

Today I have mainly read and not written much yet, I managed 600 words of a submission I am working on for the end of the month. I have to go to work so I guess my writing time will be in the evening today. My head has started to spin with all I need to do in the next week; partner’s birthday, valentines, my trip, paperwork for the job, research for the novel, writing short stories for submission, finding the perfect poem for Charity… the list goes on – as well as de-cluttering and packing of course! Who knows I may even get to do the laundry this week. Balancing is hard but I am getting there. The main focus has got to be TO WRITE and so far this year, it has been in the lead, up in poll position, my waking thought and the last thing I consider before sleep takes me off in her gentle arms.