A Visit from Muse & a Morning of Writing


I had the opportunity for a whole morning of writing, before I had to go to work. It is a big day at work today and writing helped take my mind of it and keep me calm. I have enjoyed myself and accomplished lots.

Last night I suffered from broken sleep. I was awake at 3:30a.m reading and desperately trying to feel tired, when my mind started working over-time and I had to grab my writing notebook and jot down an idea (which I can still fortunately read!) two A4 pages later I had written my book synopsis.

This is EXTREMELY EXCITING, as a poet I have trained in the other genres of writing and found that I had a gift for some of them too, this year I have been concentrating on a m/s which is a real-life, non-fiction idea, short stories, flash fiction & poetry. I want to write a novel, just couldn’t think of an idea…. now I have enough ideas for a Trilogy or perhaps a series of books! Praise to insomnia for helping me out on this one.

I am shelving (ha ha) the idea for now as I have many writing deadlines already this month, I am also hoping the characters and their stories will come to me and be scribbled in the writing notebook too. That way when I come to write it I will have more pieces of the picture.

I have also reunited myself with my not-a-coffee-house-coffee-cup-reusable-great-for-writers (I should get sponsored!) –coffee- cup… it was loaded with espresso this morning as I was still bleary eyed at 9a.m thanks to my early morning visit from muse.

I used it to fuel my morning work. Over 1400 words on my manuscript & some other bits and pieces. I plan to continue tonight as I have around 4000 words to add to the manuscript to stay on schedule. I’m going to a talk this evening after work and hope to inspire my already buzzing (out of control) writers brain even further. I don’t know what time the talk will finish tonight but I hope to squeeze a few hours in, maybe 2000 words is more realistic. The diary is filling up for February, making my writing schedule even more important to stick with. I envisage burning a lot of midnight oil.

Yesterday whilst visiting the library I picked up an Arts leaflet and discovered I’d missed some pretty fabulous, local writing opportunities. I may have to venture further away to catch up in February. I’m sure there will be similar opportunities offered later this year… maybe I need to revisit that optician!

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