One Month of Water in the Fountain!


Today marks the blog being up for a month now. Thanks to all of you who have got involved in AWF. I have had a look at my calendar for February and all the events I need to fit in, including several important birthdays, Valentines day, a mini break and at least 4 submissions, possibly more.

I managed to complete a lot of admin tasks this morning, including phoning up for appointments that I should have booked weeks ago. The result is I have one on valentine’s day, I have to work anyway so not a total loss. And not the craziest thing I’ve done on Feb. 14th. I managed work and now I have just an hour or so before we all go out for a family meal to celebrate the time our American relative has had in Europe before he flies off home. Sad to see him go, it has been great to catch up, I have to thank him for igniting my wanderlust (my bank balance might not!)

Later I will be extremely tired as I have managed the last 2 days on just 4 hour sleeps and it is catching up with me. I will try to push on through and end the day with some writing though. I have about 3 weeks to complete all of the projects and that includes editing time. I need pens between every finger this month!

Enjoy splashing around there is plenty to see, I have recently enjoyed submitting pieces for weekly and daily challenges, I might keep some of the titles in my writing notebook if I don’t have time to write on the go!

Have a great writing week!

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