Family Tree – Word and Picture Entry #2



The young girl has a

Dressing up box full of clothes

she wears her mum’s heels.


She dreams of dancing

En pointe one day the same as

Dame Margot Fonteyn.


She has pearls for a

Gift on her twenty first in

a red and gold box.


Lace gloves elongate

Feminine hands and fingers.

A dancing beauty.


The tree offers us

many branches to hang our

Lives on, boughs of faith.

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  3. i love how each item in the photo told a story… i re-read the haiku slowly cos the words were very pleasurable and the stories presented so prettily.

  4. How sweet! Really tender; I see what you mean about connecting to the mother. Even though you wrote about the child, I saw it as a mother watching, looking at the different paths her daughter could take.

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